Using Google Forms to Track and Change Student Behavior

GF Data Digital Point Sheet I have long lived in the paper world using point sheets that migrate from class to class gathering student feedback on behavior, attitude, work completion and their ability to carry a piece of paper around with them all day.  The end result is usually something that you might find at the bottom of a student’s locker at the end of the year with remnants of lunch, attempts to adjust scores-trying to find the correct pen to turn the 1 into a 4 and the soiled corners of a loved book. All this effort to then digitize the document to send to the parent for ongoing conversation for improvement at home.

I have toyed with the idea of whether it would be beneficial to manage much of this data online and had looked at several solutions such as creating a PDF document that the teacher would fill out each day on their computers and email the results. Recently, I have created the same format but with the ease of using Google Forms.  In doing this, the teachers keep the link on their desktops and opens it daily to complete the form for the day.  Unlike other methods, the teachers receive immediate feedback as to how the student is progressing as the form launches the graphic representation of the historical data to date.  This is invaluable not only to the teachers to continue to motivate them to support the behavioral efforts but also to the parent who can access the data in real time. It will allow parents and students to see their progress thus increasing the likelihood of changing behavior which is really the point of all this, right?

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