Creating your own classroom Khan Academy

How to set up and use a USB camera for collaborative student work.

I have been been referring parents and students to sites like Khan Academy and resource sites for years to assist them in reviewing or learning content associated with their classroom lessons.  I have now been encouraging teachers to create their own content and version of Khan Academy and store it in the cloud for parents and students to access.  I have found that if students create and view videos of students they know or of videos they are in, they are far more likely to watch it multiple times and share it with family as an enjoyable experience along with supporting learning at home.

Having students create videos of their work in class station rotations that demonstrates their understanding and then shares it with their peers is a great way to access higher orders of thinking. In this model students would create videos using simple Chrome OS tools and then can collectively comment and amend understandings while providing feedback to students. To do this you will need any USB web camera or a Chromebook with a camera. Have the students access the Chrome Application/Extension Screencastify to save the video to their Google Cloud Drive. The teacher would then make the video available to students to comment on using VideoNotes. Creating videos is also a great way to memorialize a student’s thinking process for complex equations to be able to easily identify any misconceptions and also provides for creating student created video libraries if well done for all students to access. Use Videostream and Chromecast to easily project your student videos onto your classroom Digital Whiteboard.

Linked are two of the cameras that I use to capture student and teacher interactions as an administrator.  The LifeCam seems to produce a higher definition image/sound and can be mounded on a standard camera mount where the HUE offers greater versatility in the classroom inclusive of being used as an inexpensive document camera on a self supporting stand and is Mac friendly.  Both are great cameras.