Chrome OS Accommodation Applications and Extensions:




Collection of Chrome OS applications and extensions that support student access including voice recognition software, text to voice, distraction free writing space, online reader to support fluency for dyslexics, typing application and Fluency Tutor for students to practice fluency at home to be evaluated by teachers later.


Type with your voice. Sayit turns your Google Chrome into a speech recognition app. You can use your Google Chrome browser as a voice recognition app and type long documents, emails and essays without touching the keyboard. The app is integrated with Dropbox and Google Drive so you can easily export you transcribed text to your various online accounts. Or your can send the text to any email address.


A customizable, offline, and full-screen text-editor. Write Space is a customizable full-screen text-editor that lives in your web-browser. It is designed to minimize the distractions that come between you and your writing.


Too long didn’t read? Let TLDR shorten it.

TLDR (Too Long Didn’t Read)  Plugin is a free extension that creates a summary of any web article without leaving the original page.  Works great for PDF documents too!


BeeLine’s color gradient makes reading faster/easier for over 90% of people. How much will it help you?

Have a lot to read?  Make reading easier and faster using BeeLine Reader!  BeeLine uses a color gradient to guide your eyes from the end of one line to the beginning of the next.  This seemingly simple tweak makes reading substantially easier and faster because it allows you to transition between lines quickly and effortlessly.  Thousands of people have taken our online diagnostic test, and over 90% of them saw a benefit from BeeLine.  Many people are able to read 20% or 30% faster with BeeLine, even on their first try.


Tired of reading? Select text you want to read and listen to it. SpeakIt converts text into speech so you no longer need to read.

SpeakIt reads selected text using Text-to-Speech technology with language auto-detection. It can read text in more than 50 languages.


Fluency Tutor™ for Google is an easy-to-use reading and assessment tool that helps busy teachers support struggling readers.

Great for time-stretched teachers, Fluency Tutor™ for Google lets students practice reading aloud at their own pace.

Make reading aloud more fun and satisfying for even your most reluctant students. It’s also great for early readers and individuals learning English as a second language.

This easy-to-use app takes pressure off teachers having to listen to every student read in a busy classroom, where they can feel self-conscious.


Allows students to open reading passages through Google Drive

This web-based program allows students to open Fluency Tutor™ for Google reading passages in Google Drive. Must be used with reading passages assigned through the Fluency Tutor™ for Google App (available separately in the Chrome Web Store).


Master touch typing using this free game / educational program. This online program will assist you with learning and improving…

Master touch typing using this free game / educational program. This online program will assist you with learning and improving your typing speed!

Practice each lesson over and over to at least get all three stars. It really doesn’t take much to learn touch typing, a few minutes a day for one to two weeks and you will be a pro!