Student Academic Awareness (SAA): How will you see your students in a few years?

Google Glass Student TrackingI have been watching the deployment of Google Glass with much trepidation and wonder how society will receive the ultimate Big Brother on my face.  Will people not speak with me until I remove the Heads-Up Display that I wear like a fighter pilot careening around the corners of my school halls once the novelty wears off?  I don’t think the real value of what they have to offer will be fully realized by showing student perspectives on classes or making first person experiments come to life because, really, we already had this ability. Rather, it will be the infinite data that will present to a teacher as they differentiate, adjust instruction in real time and work with students using data that simply  loads by looking at a student’s scan sheet and providing instantaneous feedback.  Realizing that hurdles will have to be overcome with the current (as of my last understandings) limitations of facial recognition software being released, the possibilities for Student Academic Awareness (SAA) are limitless.  As an administrator, the benefit of interacting with students and being able to coach them using relevant, in the present, data would be invaluable.  Even more so, the software suite that measures the statistical probability of being told the truth when trying to find out who wrote all those nice things about me in the bathroom.

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