Google Oppia LMS a Repackaged Forms?

Google Oppia offers a “create your own path” assessment LMS that may be easier to use than Google Forms but does not offer that much more architecturally at this stage.  I do however applaud G-Dom for continuing to make strides to address educational needs.


I saw this today and just loved the video diary of travel.  This would be fun to have for a project in a school using Glass or a GoPro.

MetaPro: 15 times the screen of Google Glass

Umm… Wow!  Not as clean looking as the Google Glass but I am so excited for where technology will be in about 5 years.  I love the concept of hand recognition for digital manipulation.  I can see students writing and solving mathematical formulas without ever touching a piece of paper.  You won’t win any style awards but essentially as a working first production, pretty incredible.
The largest augmented reality optics in the world under $100,000, coupled to the most powerful wearable computer. Real time 3D scanner on board.
500+ Applications that run directly on the Meta Glasses.
Use your phone, laptop and computer without ever touching them again.