Finally and APP watch that can deliver.

Meet Pebble Steel from Pebble Technology on Vimeo.

Once this kind of technology becomes mainstream the BYOD for schools won’t be an issue because they will all be wearing it.  How will schools leverage and manage this unbridled technology infusion that will enter the building.  We will have to build assessments that will have to measure a students ability to source the answer just as much as to solve and express the answer.  More on Pebble

Even Google Employees Are Giving Up On Google Glass

Despite the undeniable gawking that will occur and the Google version of Apple Picking that will inevitably occur when techno-thugs rip Glass from your face, the benefit to the end-user in industry rather than the the daily commuter will be immense. I agree that in most social situations it will be awkward to wear Glass unless you can pawn it off as you have too for work and secretly smile inside.

Christmas is all Shiny and Chrome.

Google’s Chromebooks Were The Best Selling Laptops At Amazon, Beating Windows And Mac Computers

Not surprising that they are being unwrapped this holiday season with kids at schools across the country being introduced to them as part of their K-12 experience.  Phenomenal move on Google’s part to open up the domains to the schools with an increased storage capacity, security of a closed network and teaching use of the applications.  My daughter kicked me off her Chromebook and started showing me all the things it can do and she has been doing educational games and activites since Christmas day.  Let’s see the XBox do that.


Livescribe 3 has Arrived

LS  My newest acquisition and shiny toy is the Livescribe Smart Pen 3.  I have used the older versions with varying success but did not find I was using the audio recording feature much.  While the Echo and wireless Sky version were better suited for the college student, the Bluetooth Livescribe 3 is more about making your written content useful utilizing the Livescribe+ App.