What is your student landing page?


my favs

My student landing page at MyFav.es.

If you are like me, when I teach, I don’t like to spend much time getting students to the correct resource when using our classroom tech. Walking the room like a shark smelling blood in the water for the student who is off on a tangent looking up muscle cars.  I have found a few tools that may help get students to the correct page, keeping them there will be a discussion for another time, that you might also find useful. One I love that, unfortunately, works with limited success, is Google Tone.  From your device, you can “tone-out” to the classroom the page you are on and students with the app. will receive a notification on their screens taking them there directly. My other “go-to” is MyFavs.es which allows the teacher to create rows of icons that are clean and easily accessible without advertising or additional clutter. This is ideal for the retentive teacher like me.  I much prefer this over Symbaloo for this reason as you are also less likely to have errant searches while you are teaching. If you have a favorite, please add your comments below.




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